John Baron MP welcomes speed limit reduction on Harding Elms Road

July 13, 2012

MP says road test was most productive

John Baron MP has welcomed very recent news that Essex County Council will reduce the speed limit to 30mph on Harding Elms Road [Crays Hill, Billericay] from the junction with the A129 to the junction with Wash Road. John met with Vicky Duff, Natalie Szpigelman [both of Essex County Council] and Cllr David McPherson Davis on site to discuss matters. John and David suggested a test drive at the current 40mph speed limit and this proved most revealing. At John’s suggestion, local residents had put a petition together about the matter.

John said:

“Reducing the speed limit to 30mph makes sense given the layout of Harding Elms Road and the fact the new 30mph limit will match the speed limits on the two roads it links, those being the A129 and Wash Road. I’m pleased that Essex County Council has listened to local residents, Councillors and myself.”

“My thanks go to Vicky Duff and Natalie Szpigelman of Essex County Council, and to Cllr David McPherson Davis who undertook the road test with us with such relish!”

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