John Baron MP launches All-Party Group for an EU Referendum

September 13, 2012

Objective is to let the British people have their say

Following his letter to the Prime Minister, co-signed by 100 MPs, calling for an EU referendum, John Baron MP has launched an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for an EU referendum. The inaugural meeting will take place at 10.30am, 16th October, in Committee Room 10. The secretariat is The People’s Pledge.

John said,

“We have had good cross-party support for this initiative. Our objective is to pressure the Government and the political establishment generally to allow the country its say as to our membership of the EU.”

“The case for a referendum is growing by the day. The EU is constantly evolving, and is very different to the European Economic Community we joined in 1973. Yet, no-one in this country under the age of 55 has had the opportunity to express their view on this signally important matter.”

“There is a very real lack of public trust when people hear politicians making promises about Europe. The three main political parties have failed in this respect. Such a referendum would address this credibility gap.”

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