John Baron MP supports Government reforms to Housing Benefit

November 7, 2012

MP votes for benefit cap

 Yesterday in the House of Commons, John Baron MP sat on the Delegated Legislation Committee considering changes to Housing Benefit, as part of the Government’s welfare reforms. The Government is intending to cap benefits to ensure no recipients receive more than the average annual salary (£26,000). There will be exemptions for vulnerable recipients, such as those receiving disability living allowance or personal independence payments, as well as for war widows and widowers.

 In the Committee, John said,

 “It is important that a safety net is provided for the vulnerable – this is one mark of a civilised society. But the challenge is to get the right balance between encouraging people to help themselves to come off benefits and helping those who are in genuine need.”

 “The £26,000 housing cap is certainly well in excess of what many families in my constituency earn. They question whether it is right that people stay at home and enjoy a benefit that exceeds what they bring home as a household.”


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Date: 7th November 2012

 Notes to Editors:

  • Delegated Legislation Committees deal with detailed changes to a law already made by Act of Parliament. Decisions made in Delegated Legislation Committees are subsequently subject to votes in the House of Commons.
  • Exemptions from the cap include:-
    • Recipients of disability living allowance; personal independence payments; attendance allowance; the support component of employment and support allowance.
    • Households entitled to working tax credit.
    • Recipients of war pensions or industrial injuries benefits.
    • War widows and widowers.
    • Those who have not been in work for the previous 12 months will receive a nine-month grace period. This should allow them to find alternative employment.

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