John Baron MP votes against boundary changes

January 30, 2013

MP says changes would have threatened check on executive

Yesterday afternoon, in the House of Commons, the Government tried to pass legislation which would have equalised constituency seats and reduced the number of MPs by 10%. Presently, some Parliamentary seats, usually in the inner cities, have significantly fewer electors than others. This has tended to favour Labour over other political parties. However, John objected to the reduction in the number of MPs – believing that fewer backbench MPs would find it more difficult to question the executive.

John said,

“Equalising seats is both right and fair but, by reducing the number of MPs, the executive gains at the expense of the legislative. Key checks and balances within our constitution would have been affected, to the detriment of Parliament.”

“Seats could have been equalised without reducing their number. If the Government wished to persist with seat reduction, it should have also reduced the payroll vote. This would have maintained the present balance between Government and backbenchers.”

“As it is, it is difficult for backbenchers to scrutinise and check the executive. Our successes at getting the Government to think again are rare – but they can happen, as we saw with the EU budget vote. Take away 60-70 backbenchers, and the task becomes even more difficult.”


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Date: 30th January 2013

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