John Baron MP: Air strikes in Syria will reinforce our regional failures

November 30, 2015

MP highlights danger of ‘Fog of War’

Please find attached John’s piece in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday, arguing against extending military air strikes to Syria.

John said,

“The short-term effect of British air strikes will be marginal. But as we intervene more, so we become more responsible for events on the ground – and lay ourselves open to the unintended consequences of the ‘fog of war’.”

“Without a comprehensive strategy, air strikes will simply reinforce the West’s long-term failure in the region generally at a time when there are already too many aircraft chasing too few targets.”

“Just as in previous ill-advised Western interventions, a strong pattern emerges: time and time again the executive makes a ‘convincing’ case, often with supporting intelligence sources, and time and time again it turns out to be wrong.”

Word Count: 146
Date: 30th November 2015

Notes to Editors:
• John is a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee and a former soldier. He opposed military intervention in Syria in 2013, as well as our interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan post-2006 and Libya.

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