John Baron MP slams plans for ‘Euro Army’

June 2, 2016

MP says NATO defends European Security

The EU is reportedly drawing up plans for a ‘Euro Army’ in secret, to be announced days after the British referendum on 23rd June. The plans entail the creation of new European military and operational structures, and are intended as the first steps towards an EU Army. Britain vetoed similar proposals in 2011, but the Lisbon Treaty may allow some countries to go ahead with these plans, perhaps along the lines of the EU’s diplomatic service.

John said,

“There is no need for the EU to develop its own army. At best this will merely replicate NATO’s work to defend European security, and at worst will undermine it. These plans also show the direction the EU wishes to take – always towards ever closer union. They yet again underline why staying in the EU is the riskier option, and is another reason why I will be voting to leave on 23rd June.”

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