John Baron MP visits Basildon Jobcentre to discuss the roll-out of Universal Credit

December 22, 2017

MP congratulates the Jobcentre team

John Baron MP recently visited Basildon Jobcentre to hear first-hand how the implementation of the new Universal Credit system was proceeding locally, and to meet with members of the team who are delivering it. Andrew Newcombe, the District Operations Manager, and Ian Young, the Customer Service Leader, showed John around the Centre. John then discussed the system with Mr Newcombe, Mr Young and some of the other front line members of the jobcentre team.

John said:

“I want to congratulate the team at Basildon Jobcentre on the great work they are doing to rollout Universal Credit. The team seemed pleased with progress so far, and with the general concept.

“Six benefits into one, a new IT system, real-time information on claims, and the ability to allow people to get short term casual work and not have to reapply for their benefits, were all aspects that were welcomed by the team. People’s lives can be complex so the system has to be flexible to provide help when it is needed.

“I was also extremely pleased to see the calm and positive atmosphere that prevailed in the Jobcentre.”

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