John Baron MP speaks in Parliamentary restoration debate

January 31, 2018

MP says 1,000-year link to Westminster must be kept

This afternoon MPs are debating the restoration of the Palace of Westminster. A key consideration is whether MPs and Peers will leave the Palace wholesale for several years while restoration works are in progress, or whether a Commons debating chamber will be retained on site.

In the Chamber, John asked,

“Does the Hon Lady agree that it is essential we do not break this place’s near 1,000-year link with the governance of this country, and therefore retain a debating chamber here in the Palace of Westminster during these much-needed works, whichever option we choose?”

Afterwards, John said,

“There is no doubt that the Palace of Westminster badly needs restoration, not least to ensure it is a safe and modern environment for the hundreds of people who work here every day. However, I will not back any proposal which will see MPs leave the Palace completely. There is a 1,000-year link between this site and the governance of our country, and this must be retained with a debating chamber remaining on site. This issue is much larger than the consideration of costs alone.”

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