John Baron MP votes against Libyan No-Fly Zone

March 22, 2011

MP suggests Arab allies should have put it in and questions what is the end game


Last night John Baron MP voted against a Government Motion supporting the Libyan No-Fly Zone. The Government won the vote 557 – 13. During the Debate he questioned the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. A full explanation of his position can be found at .

John said:

“Given our poor record of intervention in the region, once again we could be seen as meddling in a Muslim country. If our Arab allies want a No-Fly Zone then let them put it in. After all, we’ve sold them the weaponry in the past and they can better afford to do so.”

“We all value human life but Gaddafi hasn’t turned from saint to sinner overnight. The West has known he has been a thug for decades and yet that has not stopped us selling him weapons. Where will this policy of intervention lead – what about a No-Fly Zone over Yemen if we are to be consistent?”

“And what is the end game? What is the exit strategy? If this is not known, we risk being drawn into an ill-defined mission whilst civilian casualties rise. For example, if there is a stalemate on the ground, are we going to walk away?”

“We should only put the men and women of our Armed Forces into harm’s way when it is absolutely necessary. This is not the case here. Army doctrine stipulates absolute clarity as to the mission. Too many questions remain unanswered.”

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3 Responses to John Baron MP votes against Libyan No-Fly Zone

  1. Heather on March 22, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    Thank you. Nice to know that there are still a few politicians with common sense

  2. Mary Mudd on March 23, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    Dear Mr Baron

    I am glad to see that one Conservative MP sees the other side of the question. I am horrified to think we have attacked on such a scale yet another Arab country. I am so old that I remember Suez and truly think that in years to come Libya 2011 may well be remembered as Suez is remembered now.This is not a matter for the West but for other Arab and African countries, though they are obviously not anxious to become involved.

    Bearing in mind how low are our country’s financial resources(see today’s Budget) why do we boast that we have “the world’s 4th largest defence budget”?

    I have been a Conservative member since 1947 and live in Wyre Forest

    Every good wish

    MMP Mudd (Mrs)

    Best wishes

    Mary Mudd.

  3. Dr James B Thring on February 20, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Dear Mr Baron
    Your questions on Libya about attacking and walking away have proved pertinent. There is more chaos, bloodshed, tribal rivalry, political imprisonment and torture than under Qaddafi (I worked there in the ’70’s and have visited several times since). You are right, too, that our brave armed forces should not be abused for dubious political ventures that have little or nothing to do with UK defence.
    It is reassuring that Parliament has rational thinking people like you willing to speak out against the war lobbies and propose peaceful solutions.
    Dr James B Thring

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