John Baron MP supports assisted dying in historic Parliamentary debate

March 28, 2012

MP says present situation is legal fudge and creates uncertainty and unfairness

Yesterday in the House of Commons, there was an historic debate on assisted dying, and whether Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) guidelines should be welcomed by the House of Commons and put on the Statute Book. John spoke in favour of greater patient choice, and argued that the legal uncertainty surrounding this issue should now end for the sake of patients and family alike.

John said,

“There is at present a huge legal fudge. The law makes assisted dying an offence, and yet chooses not to prosecute in certain cases. This creates massive uncertainty, which is not fair to both patients and families alike.”

“Yes, everyone has the right to life. But they also have the right to choose: to die with dignity; to die knowing one’s relatives will not be prosecuted; and to die surrounded by family and loved ones, and not alone for fear of prosecution of those left behind. The uncertainty denies people this right. It needs to end.”

“I do believe that where patients are in severe pain, are terminally ill, and have the support of their family, then the compassionate approach is to allow them the freedom to choose to die – provided appropriate safeguards are in place. The State has no right to intervene.”

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