John Baron MP welcomes Lords Reform ‘limbo’

July 11, 2012

MP one of 91 Conservative rebels

Last night in the House of Commons, John Baron MP voted against the Government’s proposals for a mainly elected House of Lords, along with another 90 Conservative MPs. But with the support of Labour votes, the Government’s proposals were carried by 462 to 124.

However, earlier in the day, the Government announced that it would not be putting the Bill’s ‘programme motion’ to a vote – clearly because the whips realised they would lose it. A programme motion specifies when and for how long debates on a Bill are held, and is crucial for any Bill to make progress through Parliament and eventually be placed on the Statute Book.

John said,

“Though the Government may have won the vote last night, the lack of a programme motion means the Bill is stuck in limbo. Those of us who oppose an elected House of Lords welcome this major victory last night.”

“I now call upon the Government to shelve these ill-considered proposals and understand the strength of feeling on the back benches.”

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