John Baron MP calls for the Chancellor to rule out fuel duty increases

September 13, 2012

MP speaks in fuel debate

 Today in the House of Commons, John Baron MP spoke in a debate about the lack of competition in the oil market, and that prices at the pumps are slow to go down when the wholesale price of petrol or diesel decreases.

 During the debate, John said,

 “In supporting the call for a full investigation into oil firms active in the UK, I would also urge the Government to freeze future fuel duty increases for the foreseeable future. It should find the money from expenditure elsewhere, such as the ludicrous £1 billion we are sending to India – a country with her own aid programme. This would help hard-pressed families and businesses up and down the country.”

 Afterwards, John said,

 “The Government must do more to reduce tax on consumers and businesses, in order to encourage growth. There are no shortage of areas where Government could find the money, including our enormous and growing EU budget contributions. I have written to the Government about this issue, and now await its response.”


Word Count: 188

Date: 13th September 2012

 Notes to Editors:

  • For further information, please refer to press release ‘John Baron MP welcomes freeze to fuel duty’ [26th June 2012].

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