John Baron MP questions Prime Minister on access to justice during Leverson statement

November 29, 2012

MP is against statutory regulation

This afternoon Lord Justice Leverson delivered his report into the culture, practices and ethics of the press. Following the publication of the report, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister made separate statements in the House of Commons. Whilst Nick Clegg MP said he accepted Leverson’s recommendations, David Cameron said he had grave misgivings at the prospect of state regulation of the press.

In the House of Commons, John asked both the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister,

“A key part of the problem is that many people feel they can not access justice through a legal system which is too complex and too costly. What is the Government doing to put this right?”

Both the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister avoided the question. The Prime Minister said that he did not accept the need for statutory regulation. The Deputy Prime Minister said he did not consider it illiberal to call for such regulation.

Afterwards, John said,

“The Leverson inquiry detailed terrible actions by some journalists which no-one can condone, and it is right that there is a form of redress for when the press crosses the line.”

“Our free press is the bedrock of our democracy, and should not have its wings clipped by the state. However, I do believe we need to create a better system so that everyone, not just the rich and well-connected, has access to legal redress.”

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