John Baron MP presses Foreign Secretary over Israeli restraint towards Iran

January 22, 2013

MP highlights likely political shift following Israeli elections today

Today the Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon William Hague MP, took questions in the House of Commons. John Baron MP raised the effect of Israel’s elections today with their relations with Iran.

John asked,

“Given the likely change in the political makeup in the Israeli Government following their elections today, may I urge the Government to redouble its efforts to dissuade Israel from conducting a pre-emptive strike against Iran – an act which would be illegal, which would reinforce the position of hardliners in Iran, and which could lead to regional war?”

The Foreign Secretary accepted the importance of these elections, and the need to encourage restraint.

John said afterwards,

“Following today’s elections, it is likely we will have a more hardline Government in Israel, led by Prime Minister Netanyahu. This does not bode well for diplomatic efforts when it comes to Iran’s nuclear programme. A pre-emptive strike would be disastrous.”

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