John Baron MP presses Prime Minister over EU budget summit

February 12, 2013

MP asks about consequences ahead of referendum

Yesterday afternoon in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister made a statement following the weekend’s announcement of the EU budget – the first real-terms cut in the history of the EU.

John said,

“I commend the Prime Minister on this positive development, which gives expression to the will of this Parliament. Given that Opposition concerns about isolation proved unfounded, will the Prime Minister say a little more about the longer-term ramifications when it comes to negotiations ahead of the EU referendum?”

The Prime Minister replied that this shows we need a very clear bottom line, and a set of objectives we want to achieve; and that we must work closely with partners and allies to try to build up our arguments and alliances. He went on to say, “this is what we have done over the Single Market, what we are doing over the EU trade deals, and what we must also do with the EU reform package.”

John said afterwards,

“I welcome the fact the Prime Minister has travelled a long way on Europe recently. Six months ago, the word ‘referendum’ had not passed his lips, whilst he had voted against our proposal for a real-terms cut in the EU budget.”

“I sense he has been emboldened by Parliament, and surprised at the success this has brought, including the alliances he has forged. Let us hope this bodes well for the future.”


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Date: 12th February 2013

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