John Baron MP welcomes passage of Energy Bill

June 5, 2013

MP’s tariff proposals are adopted by Government

 Yesterday in the House of Commons, MPs voted to pass the Government’s Energy Bill at Third Reading. The Bill is mainly concerned with energy infrastructure, but it also includes tariff and bill recommendations from the Billing Stakeholder Group (BSG).

 Following a long campaign in Parliament for greater clarity for energy consumers, the Government requested that John Baron MP chair the BSG in 2011. The BSG included Ofgem, representatives from consumer groups and energy suppliers, as well as officials from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

 The chief recommendation of the Group was that energy suppliers should place clearly on the face of bills a personalised message detailing the exact amount (in pounds and pence) that customers could save were they to switch to their supplier’s cheapest standard direct debit tariff. This would make it much easier for consumers to see how much money they could save by switching to their supplier’s cheapest standard tariff.

 John said,

 “After a long campaign, which began in 2009, I am glad my recommendation is passing into law. Energy bills and tariffs have become far too complicated, and consumers have struggled to take the right decisions to save them money.”

 “At a time when energy bills are at an all-time high, this proposal should make a real difference. I thank the Government for its support on this issue.”


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Date: 5th June 2013

 Notes to Editors:

  • For further information please see John’s press release of 14th March 2013 [‘John Baron MP urges Government to resist energy company opposition to energy Bill reform’].

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