John Baron MP opposes tabling of Government amendments to Immigration Bill

January 27, 2014

MP says issue needs proper debate

It was announced this afternoon that the Government has tabled a large number of Amendments to the Immigration Bill, which is due to return to the Commons this Thursday. The Government Amendments make it more difficult that the Amendment tabled by Nigel Mills MP will be debated by MPs. This Amendment, which has been signed by approximately 80 Conservative MPs, would extend the transitional controls on immigration from Romania and Bulgaria until 2018.

John said,

“Sadly it looks as if the Government is trying to deny us a debate and vote on the issue. We need to address immigration from the EU, and not shunt it unto the sidelines. ”

“This whole matter illustrates why we need a new relationship with the EU. The freedom of movement rules might have sufficed when there were only six members, but are no longer fit for purpose now we are nearly 30.”

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