John Baron MP votes for tougher Immigration Bill

January 30, 2014

MP says Parliament must set deportation regulations

The Immigration Bill today returned to the House of Commons. The Bill aims contains a number of provisions to restrict migrants’ access to public services, and ensure immigration status is taken into account when opening bank accounts and applying for driving licenses. The Bill also significantly reduces the rights of appeal in deportation cases, and tightens up on the application of Article 8 (‘The Right to a Family Life’) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

There are also a number of amendments to the Bill, tabled by Conservative back benchers. Nigel Mills MP’s amendment, signed by over 65 MPs, would extend the controls on immigration from Romania and Bulgaria until 2018. Dominic Raab MP’s amendment, signed by over 100 MPs, also deals with Article 8, and would ensure all foreign criminals imprisoned for more than a year would be deported, unless there was a serious risk of torture or murder. John Baron MP has signed both amendments.

John said,

“I support the Immigration Bill. For too long, we have not had proper control of our borders, and this Bill is a welcome step in the right direction.”

“However, in some areas the Bill does not go far enough. I believe it is in the public interest that foreign criminals are deported – as long as they are not at risk of serious harm.”

“Unfortunately, because of a raft of Government amendments, there was not time to debate and vote on whether to allow Romanians and Bulgarians to work in this country. It is a shame this issue has been shunted into the sidelines. The Government has buried its head in the sand.”

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