John Baron MP: UKIP vote is a wake-up call for all parties

May 23, 2014

MP says No 10 must listen to voters’ concerns

Following a poor set of local election results in South Essex, including the loss of Basildon Council because of a surge in UKIP support, John Baron MP has warned all mainstream political parties against complacency on the EU. He has also thanked Conservative Councillors who lost their seats for their service to their communities.

John said,

“Our thanks go to those Conservative Councillors who have lost their seats for their past service to their local communities. In some cases this has spanned decades. This situation is not of their making. ”

“Whilst accepting that UKIP is in part a protest vote, the political establishment has been too complacent over the EU. It must now heed the message from these elections.”

“No 10 must learn from past mistakes. First it tried to ignore, and then insult, UKIP. It then took Back Bench campaigns to get a referendum, and then support for legislation. But even now mistakes are being made. We have immigration targets, yet can not control the major EU component. We also need to make clearer that there will be no deal with UKIP.”

“Labour and the Liberals need to wake up and support our commitment to an EU referendum. They have failed to deliver on past promises. Voters want their say, regardless of their views on EU membership.”

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