John Baron MP: Iraq highlights dangers of intervention

June 12, 2014

MP also points to Libya and Afghanistan

Following the news from northern Iraq, John Baron MP warns of the dangers of intervention. John resigned from the shadow Front Bench to vote against the Iraq war in 2003, and was the only Conservative to vote against both Afghanistan and Libya.

John said,

“One of the dangers of invading Iraq is that we underestimated the religious tensions and the resources needed to leave robust structures in place when the West left. A weakened Iraq was always going to be more susceptible to extremism.”

“Other examples include Libya, and possibly Afghanistan. In Libya, a weak central Government has been unable to establish its authority over militias. In Afghanistan, Western confidence that the Afghan security forces will be able to hold the line surely needs re-evaluating after these events.”

“All in all, such developments once again bring into question the wisdom of our recent interventions.”


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Date: 12th June 2014

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