John Baron MP hosts Parliamentary screening of Nuclear Test Veterans film

June 20, 2014

MP promises further evidence of ‘shameful’ indifference

On 25th June the British Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association (BNTVA) and John Baron MP will host a film screening in Parliament. The 40-minute film, entitled Nobody told us Anything, documents the test veterans’ participation in the British nuclear tests in Australia and the South Pacific in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as their experiences since the tests. It also covers the BNTVA’s efforts over many years on behalf of nuclear veterans. The film is part of the ongoing campaign to secure official recognition by the Prime Minister for the veterans’ unique service. For campaign details, please see ‘Notes to Editors’.

The BNTVA is compiling further information from its members, which will be made available at the screening. This includes fresh testimony from veterans and their families regarding British veterans being awarded compensation from the United States; the ‘hidden story’ of miscarriages and stillbirths; and evidence of veterans handing samples to scientists in radioactive protective clothing in the immediate aftermath of tests on Christmas Island.

John said,

“Our nuclear test veterans are a special case. One in three of their descendants suffers from serious illness – figures supported by studies in other countries, including France. Their unique service, at a time when the science was unknown and the precautions rudimentary, made possible our independent nuclear deterrent. However, we compare poorly as to how other countries treat their veterans.”

“The country owes a huge debt of gratitude to our veterans, yet it has treated them with shameful indifference. This Government has done well to recognise other past wrongs, including thalidomide victims. Our hope is that it will do so again here.”

Notes to Editors:

  • The screening will take place at 3.00pm in Committee Room 11 on Wednesday 25th June. All are welcome – veterans, their families and descendants, interested MPs and media will be present.

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