John Baron MP welcomes young people employment figures

August 26, 2014

MP says more young people in work means a brighter future for Basildon and Billericay

John Baron MP has welcomed new figures showing that 5,000 fewer young people in the East of England are not in employment, education or training – a 5.9% decrease since the election. Across the UK as a whole, there are 184,000 fewer young people not in work, education or training – a 12 % fall since the election.

John said,

“It is great news that there are 5,000 fewer young people out of work, education or training in our region since 2010. These aren’t just abstract numbers on a Government graph – every young person taken off the dole is someone with more confidence to face the future. It is important that Government initiatives continue to ensure more young people have the skills they need to get a job or succeed in further study.”

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