John Baron MP presses Prime Minister on defence spending

September 1, 2014

MP says talking loudly but carrying a small stick is quickly found wanting

Today in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister gave a Statement on the recent EU Council, the situation in Ukraine, new anti-terrorist proposals and developments in the Middle East.

John asked,

“Talking loudly but carrying a small stick is usually quickly found wanting. Would the Prime Minister concede that cutting 20,000 front-line troops risks sending the wrong message both to potential adversaries and to our NATO allies as he rightly prepares to persuade them to increase their defence spending?”

The Prime Minister responded that a £33bn defence budget should not be regarded as a ‘small stick’.

John said afterwards,

“The Prime Minister must recognise that the Government’s flawed decision to cut 20,000 troops sends entirely the wrong message. At a time of growing global uncertainty, we should be bolstering our Armed Forces, rather than cutting them to the bone.”

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