John Baron MP questions Prime Minister on Army Reforms

September 8, 2014

MP references report by Public Accounts Committee

In the House of Commons today, the Prime Minister gave a Statement following last week’s NATO summit in Wales. The Government’s Army reforms will see 20,000 Regulars replaced by 30,000 Reservists.

John asked,

“At the NATO summit, the Prime Minister was absolutely right to emphasise strong defence. In light of recent damning reports from the Public Accounts Committee and the National Audit Office, and disappointing Reserve recruitment problems – which are creating capability gaps and false economies – has the time come to reconsider the Government’s Army reforms?”

The Prime Minister replied that over 3,000 had joined the Army Reserve over the last year, and stated that the quality of equipment meant that a large Army was not necessary.

Afterwards, John said,

“Since 1st April 2013, there has only been an increase of 60 of those serving in the Army Reserve, which is disappointing after over one year’s media campaign. Meanwhile, we have lost 20,000 Regular troops. We must increase our defence spending, especially in light of recent international events.”

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