John Baron MP warns against mission creep in Iraq and Syria

September 23, 2014

MP highlights pitfalls of US Syrian strategy

Responding to news that the US and some regional allies have started to conduct air strikes against Islamic State (IS) in Syria, John Baron MP warns against possibility of mission creep and highlights the dangers of Western intervention.

John said,

“IS has to be driven out of Iraq, given our responsibility to the Iraqi people following our misguided intervention in 2003. But air strikes into Syria are a higher risk strategy, with no certain outcome. The UK should be advising caution, particularly against mission creep.”

“Air strikes alone will not defeat this well-organised guerrilla army. Furthermore, even if sufficiently degraded, we do not know who would take IS’ place, for other extremist groups lurk in the shadows.”

“Other aspects of US strategy are troubling. The UK could not follow the US arming of Syrian rebels, given the resolutions passed by Parliament last year. Any military intervention, in Iraq or Syria, requires Parliament’s consent.”

“We should welcome the bigger role being played by some regional allies in taking on IS. The West must minimise its role in defeating this Caliphate – the symbolism would be profoundly negative. There must be a regional solution. The West can support this, such as by helping to bring the Iraqi Army up to scratch.”

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