John Baron MP does not support Recall Bill

October 21, 2014

MP concerned that unpopular stances may generate recall petitions

Today the House of Commons votes on the Second Reading of the Recall Bill. This Bill would establish a mechanism to allow voters to recall an MP were they handed a prison sentence or suspended from Parliament for more than 21 days. John Baron MP will not be supporting these proposals.

John said,

“I find it difficult to support a Recall Law. I believe that General Elections offer constituents regular opportunities to vote out Members whose behaviour falls short – there have been good recent examples of this. In addition, those who break the law face its full sanction like any private citizen, as has also recently happened to some MPs.”

“Furthermore, MPs who behave unacceptably also already face a number of mechanisms which can force their ejection from the House if necessary. There is also the strong convention that MPs step down when their position becomes untenable – again, there are good recent examples of this.”

“Finally, I am concerned that, over time, recall powers might be used against MPs simply because they take an unpopular stance on a particular issue. I well remember that when I voted against the Iraq War in 2003 the local response was initially hostile, with resignations in protest by both members and officers of my own Conservative Association.”

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