John Baron MP warns of failure in Iran talks

November 6, 2014

MP speaks in Parliamentary debate

During a debate in the House of Commons today, John Baron MP has warned of the consequences of failure in the present talks over the Iranian nuclear programme. John supported the debate, which has come at an interesting time given that the Joint Plan of Action deadline of 24th November is approaching.

John said,

“Since 1979 our relationship with Iran has had a chequered history, punctuated by a series of missed opportunities to improve relations. The election of the pragmatic President Rouhani, together with a convergence of interests over IS, has created a fresh opportunity. This must be seized. An improvement in relations could be the key that helps to unlock so many issues in the region.”

“Mistakes have been made by both sides. But confrontation has not worked. The number of centrifuges has risen from hundreds to thousands over the last decade or so. The cost of these talks failing could be that we slip back towards heightened military tensions which could set alight an already volatile region, whilst pushing Iran further towards a nuclear weapon.”

“We need to better understand the region. We have made a series of errors. Not only did we go to war in 2003 on a false premise, but we allowed a disastrous morphing of the Afghan mission into one of nation-building in 2006, and intervened in Libya in 2011 where we now see a vicious civil war. The Government’s incoherent policy over Syria is plain for all to see. Let us not add Iran to this litany of failure.”

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