John Baron MP criticises Government arrogance in ‘European Arrest Warrant’ debate

November 11, 2014

MP votes against and congratulates Parliament

Last night, despite a previous promise by the Prime Minister at PMQs, the Government used Parliamentary procedure to avoid a debate and vote on the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) by claiming that a set of 11 different and smaller EU opt-ins would, in effect, provide it with sufficient authority to proceed with the EAW. This is despite the Speaker making it clear that the House of Commons was not debating the EAW. John voted against the Government twice, and says it was a good day for Parliament.

During the debate last night, John said,

“Would not the solution be for the Government to make clear now that it will make time available to allow us to discuss this issue properly – this is what the country wants and what Parliament wants?”

Afterwards, John said,

“Some of us have grave reservations about the European Arrest Warrant, which is why a full debate and vote is needed. The Prime Minister promised this would happen. For the Government then to deny us the opportunity is very wrong and an abuse of process. I therefore voted against the Government.”

“The European Arrest Warrant is potentially damaging to the liberty of British citizens. The Common Law of this land is very different to the systems on the Continent. The implications of the EAW on our civil liberties have been profound. Further scrutiny and debate is warranted. The Government’s arrogance in denying this is plain for all to see.”

“This was a good day for Parliament because it made its disapproval clear at all levels. The Government may have won the vote, but it lost the House of Commons.”

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