John Baron MP sends further ‘Bread and Buffers’ petition to Transport Secretary

August 23, 2010

John Baron MP has today sent a further 1000 signatures to the Secretary of State for Transport in support of keeping ‘Bread and Buffers’, which is being threatened with closure by the National Stations Improvement Programme [NSIP]. When the proprietors [Mr and Mrs McMahon] first came to John for support, John suggested a petition in order to illustrate the strength of feeling on this issue, and since then John has now sent two petitions totalling 2170 signatures.

John said:

“These further signatures continue to show the level of support for ‘Bread and Buffers’. This business has served local commuters well for over 18 years, and rightly people don’t want to see it go.”

“I’m pressing the Secretary of State for Transport on this in the hope he will rethink the previous Government’s approach on this and intervene. Whilst welcoming station improvements, it cannot be a good use of taxpayers money to close down commuter facilities.”

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