John Baron MP votes against European Arrest Warrant

November 20, 2014

MP says Arrest Warrant risks British liberty

Yesterday in the House of Commons, John Baron MP voted against a motion to sanction the British opt-in to the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). The Lisbon Treaty gave Britain the option to opt out of a raft of Crime and Policing measures, with the option also to opt back in to some should the Government choose to do so. The EAW fell into this category. Though 28 Conservatives MPs voted against the EAW, it was nevertheless passed 421-29.

John said,

“The Arrest Warrant is potentially damaging to the traditions of British liberty, as it allows our citizens to be extradited on scant or questionable evidence to EU countries whose legal systems fall short of British standards. I continue to believe opting into it is not in our best interests.”

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