John Baron MP presses Foreign Secretary on Iran nuclear negotiations

November 26, 2014

MP suggests E3+3 has nuanced its approach

Yesterday in the House of Commons, the Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, made a statement following the negotiations in Vienna last weekend regarding the Iranian nuclear programme. No deal was signed at the conclusion of the talks, but it was agreed that the deadline for completing negotiations would be set back to June 2015.

John asked,

“The extension of the deadline is the second-best option, but one that is welcome all the same – going the extra mile to try to resolve the impasse could unlock so many thorny problems in the region. May I press the Foreign Secretary for absolute clarity as to the West’s position? He said that he does not want Iran to acquire nuclear weapons or to develop nuclear weapons. Is it the West’s position that Iran would be allowed to harness technology and capability to the point of break-out?”

The Foreign Secretary responded that Iran should be allowed to pursue a civilian nuclear programme, but should not acquire the capability to construct a nuclear bomb.

Afterwards, John said,

“I sense the international community has nuanced its position, and would be prepared to allow the Iranians to reach the point of break-out, provided adequate inspection safeguards were in place. This is good news, and goes beyond what we have previously stipulated for a civilian nuclear programme. It is important we try and bring Iran in from the cold.”

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