John Baron MP responds to Prime Minister’s Immigration Speech

November 28, 2014

MP focuses on pressure on public services

This morning the Prime Minister made a speech setting out his proposals for limiting EU immigration. These include stopping EU migrants from claiming in-work benefits or accessing social housing for four years after arrival, and removing migrants after six months if they have not found a job.

John said,

“The danger of this approach is that we are feeding into the narrative linking immigration to our benefits system. Any benefit reforms are welcome, but in my experience the vast majority of immigrants are genuinely seeking work rather than benefits.”

“The main concern remains the pressure large-scale immigration puts upon our already overstretched public services. I am not convinced the Prime Minister’s comments directly address this central issue, even if one overlooks the practical hurdles and possible opposition from other EU member states.”

“Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is right to seek reform of the ‘Freedom of Movement’ principle because, without that, regulation of EU immigration is not possible.”

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