BNTVA and John Baron MP respond to Chancellor’s budget announcement

March 18, 2015

Meeting at No 10 next week to flesh out details

Following a long campaign for a £25m Charitable Fund for our nuclear test veterans and their descendants, the Chancellor today announced a provision for our eldest veterans. Test veterans and their descendants would be eligible to benefit from this sum. The British Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association (BNTVA) and John will be having a meeting next week at No 10 to flesh out the details.

John Baron MP and Nige Heaps, Chairman of the British Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association, said,

“In response to our campaign, the Government has done more than any other in recognising our nuclear test veterans, despite the MoD’s resistance. The Prime Minister’s words last year were particularly well-received.”

“The establishment in the Budget of a £25m provision to help our eldest veterans, including nuclear test veterans, is welcome but begs many questions. We need assurance that the test veterans, and the 40% of their descendants who suffer from congenital or serious health problems, will not be marginalised given their small number relative to veterans in general. We will discuss this at our meeting at No 10 next week – actions speak louder than words.”

“The MoD’s fear of liability stopped a dedicated fund being established via an ex gratia payment, despite the fact that access would have been on the basis of need, not entitlement. The MoD’s service and loyalty to our veterans is in inverse proportion to our veterans’ service and loyalty to their country.”

Notes to Editors:

• A documentary film about the nuclear test veterans is being shown in cinemas nationwide. For details, please visit:

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