John Baron MP supports ‘Daesh’ campaign

July 3, 2015

John and other MPs supportive of the campaign, which is being led by Rehman Chishti MP

MP says ‘Daesh’ preferable to IS, ISIS or ISIL

John Baron MP has leant his support to the campaign to persuade the Government and the BBC to refer to the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (also known as IS, ISIL or ISIS) as ‘Daesh’. This would bring the BBC and Government into line with many international partners, and would prevent conferring legitimacy to a terrorist organisation which is neither Islamic nor a state. ‘Daesh’ is an acronym compiled from the group’s name and carries negative connotations in Arabic.

As well as attending the photoshoot [see attached photograph], John has joined 125 other MPs who wrote to the BBC and the Government on this issue. Rehman Chishti MP also raised the campaign at Prime Minister’s Questions on 1st July.

John said,

“I was pleased to join so many Parliamentarians supporting this important campaign. NATO partners such as France and Turkey have adopted ‘Daesh’ for official usage, and I believe the BBC and Government should do the same.”

“The international community should not confer legitimacy upon this brutal organisation by linking it with the peaceful religion of Islam or by referring to it as a state.”

Notes to Editors:

• ‘Daesh’ is derived from the group’s name: ad-Dawlah al-Isl?miyah f? ‘l-?Ir?q wa-sh-Sh?m. In Arabic, ‘Daesh’ means ‘one who sows discord’.

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