John Baron MP welcomes Chancellor’s Budget commitment to spending 2% of GDP on defence

July 8, 2015

MP cautions against combining spending from outside MoD budget

During his Budget speech in the House of Commons this afternoon, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt Hon George Osborne MP, announced that the Government will meet the NATO commitment to spend at least 2% of GDP on defence.

John and other MPs have long campaigned to persuade the Government to make this commitment, and held a Back Bench debate on this issue just before the General Election. However, there are concerns that the Government may be meeting the 2% figure by including spending on the Security and Intelligence Agencies and international aid.

John said,

“I was very pleased to hear the Chancellor’s announcement. At a time when other countries not necessarily friendly to the West are increasing their defence spending, it would be a mistake to continue cutting our defence capacity and capabilities.”

“Furthermore, having tried to persuade other NATO members on the importance of achieving the 2% figure, it would be unconscionable not to meet it ourselves.”

“Whilst welcoming the announcement, the Devil is in the detail. It is essential that the 2% commitment is not met by combining spending allocated to other budgets. Such an exercise would be quickly found out.”

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