John Baron MP speaks at ovarian cancer pledge campaign

July 6, 2010

John Baron MP attended the Parliamentary launch of Target Ovarian Cancer’s ‘Six Simple Steps’ campaign, and heard first-hand the story of local ovarian cancer patient Julia Buckley. The campaign aims to raise awareness among MPs of the little-known disease which kills thousands of women in the UK each year.

John also addressed the event in his role as Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer. He said:

“The newly-elected Parliament has a critical role to play in ensuring women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed quickly and treated successfully. I therefore support Target Ovarian Cancer’s campaign on this issue.”

Ms Buckley, a resident of Billericay, met John to share her experience of being diagnosed and treated for ovarian cancer.  She said:

“Too many women’s lives are lost in the UK to ovarian cancer. Target Ovarian Cancer organised this parliamentary reception at the House of Commons so that I could meet John Baron MP. There’s much that can be improved now and the chance to tell our MPs what we’d like them to do is vital.”

Target Ovarian Cancer’s Chief Executive, Annwen Jones, said: “This is one of the most important events in the campaign to save lives from ovarian cancer. We’re delighted that Julia travelled to Parliament to give it her support. We have had excellent feedback from all who attended and believe that this interest will be converted into firm support from MPs for our aims.”


Date: 6th July 2010

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Notes to Editors:

The attached picture shows John with Joanna Barker (founder of Target Ovarian Cancer) and Julia Buckley.

6,800 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year and only 30 percent will survive five years after diagnosis.  The survival rate has not improved in the last 30 years, unlike breast cancer which has increased from 50 to 80 percent over the same period. At present three-quarters of women are diagnosed with late-stage cancer, which means it has already spread.

The ‘Six Simple Steps’ are:

  • ensure studies examining why UK survival rates are so low in comparison to others are completed and remedial action taken
  • improve awareness of symptoms amongst women and health professionals
  • ensure all GPs have access to urgent diagnostic tests
  • ensure all women have access to a clinical nurse specialist
  • improve levels of emotional support available to women, and
  • ensure women have equitable access to clinical trials and new treatments.


For further information about ovarian cancer symptoms or about our campaigning work, visit or call 020 7923 5470.

Full details are available at

MEDIA CONTACT: Sara Naylor, media manager for Target Ovarian Cancer: call on 020 7923 5476 or 07793 080739 or email:


  • Target Ovarian Cancer is a UK charity covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The charity has a national remit for research, advocacy and education and our goal is to improve life chances and life quality for every woman affected by the disease. We aim to do this by: raising awareness of symptoms and risk factors; encouraging more investment in research; working to improve diagnosis and treatment of the disease and lobbying policy-makers to address gaps in healthcare provision. Target Ovarian Cancer’s Patron is Professor Sir Kenneth Calman, Chairman of the National Cancer Research Institute and former Chief Medical Officer.
  • The Target Ovarian Cancer Pathfinder Study published its first findings in 2009. It is the most comprehensive research ever conducted into the experiences of health care professionals and women with ovarian cancer in the UK. It brings all those involved in the patient pathway – health professionals, women with ovarian cancer, researchers – together to map the experiences of those living and working with ovarian cancer. It aims to identify clear gaps in knowledge, infrastructure, funding and need with regard to the care and treatment of women with ovarian cancer and to seek opportunities to improve outcomes not only in survival but also in quality of life and women’s experiences of care.
  • The Target Ovarian Cancer Expert Advisory Panel: CHAIRMAN: Professor Robert Haward, Emeritus Professor of Cancer Studies, University of Leeds and Associate Director of the National Cancer Research Network; MEMBERSHIP  Joanna Barker Chair of the Board of Trustees, Target Ovarian Cancer; Dr James Brenton: Cambridge Research Institute, University of Cambridge ; Professor Hilary Calvert: Clinical Director, Northern Institute of Cancer Research, University of Newcastle; Dr Willie Hamilton: Academic GP, University of Bristol ; Annwen Jones: Chief Executive, Target Ovarian Cancer; Professor Jonathan Ledermann: Chairman, National Cancer Research Institute Ovarian Group, University College London ;Professor David Luesley: President, British Gynaecological Cancer Society, University of Birmingham; Professor Glenn McClugagge: President, British Association of Gynaecological Pathologists,University of Belfast ; Mr Andy Nordin: Clinical Advisor for Gynaecology to the NHS Cancer Improvement Team and Cancer Action Team, East Kent Hospitals University Trust ; Lisa Peck: Interim President, National Forum of Gynaecological Oncology Nurses,Gloucestershire Oncology Centre, Three Counties Cancer Network; Lindy Waldron: Patient representative; Howard Webber: Relative representative and the late Sandra Woodward: Patient representative (up to May 2009).
  • Department of Health describe the symptoms of ovarian cancer as usually sudden in onset and sustained; they do not subside and occur most days.  They generally include persistent pelvic or abdominal pain, increased abdominal size, persistent bloating and difficulty eating or feeling full quickly.  Occasionally, urinary problems, changes in bowel habits, extreme fatigue or back pain may also be experienced, in isolation or together with the other key symptoms.

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