John Baron comments on FAC Syria report

November 3, 2015

MP says coordination with Russia and Iran essential

Today the Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC), the group of cross-party back bench MPs who scrutinise the work of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, published its report into military action on Syria. The report cautions against extending RAF air strikes to Syria absent a full strategy to counter the violence in that country. The report is available at:

John said,

“Fresh thinking, and not just more force, is needed on Syria. Otherwise, we risk making similar mistakes to those in Iraq, Afghanistan post-2006 and Libya. We need to focus our energies on defeating Daesh, and create a regional strategy which includes Russia and Iran. Air strikes alone will not achieve the desired effect.”

Word Count: 128
Date: 3rd November 2015

Notes to Editors:

• John has been a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee since 2010.

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