John Baron MP highlights Foreign Affairs Committee’s resolution

December 1, 2015

MP tables cross-party amendment against military action

The Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) issued a report on British air strikes in Syria at the beginning of November, setting out members’ concerns about the nature and extent of the mission, and with the Government’s overall strategy. The Prime Minister himself responded to the Committee’s report directly in the House of Commons last Thursday, giving more detail as to the Government’s case. However, this afternoon the Foreign Affairs Select Committee resolved that the Prime Minister has not adequately addressed the concerns contained in the report of 3rd November.

John said,

“The Prime Minister’s response, though welcome, nevertheless insufficiently answered the concerns raised in the FAC’s report, and I am glad the Committee has put this on record ahead of the debate and vote tomorrow.”

“I remain unconvinced by the Government’s case and, absent a realistic long-term strategy to defeat Daesh, will be opposing military action, and encouraging MPs to vote for our cross-party amendment.”

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