John Baron MP speaks to The Billericay School 6th Form students

April 29, 2016

John Baron

MP answers questions on the EU and other topical subjects

John Baron MP has addressed 6th Form students at The Billericay School, School Road, Billericay. John’s annual visit to the school is a Q&A format with various issues covered as part of the 6th Form General Studies programme. On this occasion, these included the EU, our interventions in the Middle East, job prospects and the forthcoming Fun Walk.

John said:

“It was a broad and wide-ranging Q&A session, with the students showing keen interest and good awareness of many topical subjects. Issues discussed included the importance of lower unemployment rates in the UK compared to the EU, the need for strong defence but to be careful in our interventions, and the progress towards this year’s Fun Walk.”

Fiona Smith, Head of 6th form said:

“John Baron’s visit proved a wonderful opportunity for our student audience to question their MP on a wide variety of issues including the arguments for and against remaining in the EU. Such discussion actively encourages our students to engage in democracy through participation in well informed political debate.

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