John Baron MP: Leaving EU beneficial for City of London

May 3, 2016

MP says City will go from strength to strength

The former Chief Executive of HSBC Holdings, Michael Geoghegan, has argued that leaving the EU would ‘deliver benefits to the City, the rest of the country – and our partners abroad’. The EU will continue to need access to the world’s largest financial centre, and a City free from the prospect of EU financial taxes will be able to realise its full potential. Even the leader of the ‘remain’ campaign, Lord Rose, has admitted to the Treasury Select Committee that ‘we are very good at what we do in terms of financial services. They [the EU] can not do without us’.

John said,

“The City will remain the world’s pre-eminent financial centre in the event of Brexit, and will go from strength to strength when freed from the EU straitjacket. This is one of the many economic advantages of leaving the EU, and is one of the reasons I am backing an ‘out’ vote.”

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