John Baron MP asks Prime Minister to confirm wages will rise in event of Brexit

May 4, 2016

MP says trade will continue with Europe regardless of result

Today at Prime Minister’s Questions, John Baron MP asked Rt Hon David Cameron MP about comments Lord Rose, the Chairman of the ‘Britain Stronger, recently made to the Treasury Select Committee.

John asked,

“This Government can be proud of reducing both relative poverty and inequality – we are a one-nation party or nothing. So, does the Prime Minister agree with Lord Rose, the leader of the ‘in’ campaign, that if we leave the EU and control immigration to benefit our public services, wages will rise even faster?”

The Prime Minister replied that he thought leaving the EU would not be beneficial to the economy.

John said afterwards,

“Lord Rose clearly admitted that wages will rise faster if we took back control of our borders. Meanwhile, both big and small business have confirmed that a vote either way will make little or no difference to the economic outlook, as we will continue to trade with Europe.”

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