John Baron MP queries SNP support for EU ‘remain’ vote

May 11, 2016

MP says EU unemployment rates far higher

Today in the House of Commons, John Baron MP queried the SNP’s support for a ‘remain’ vote in the forthcoming EU referendum, despite the damage the Common Fisheries policy has had on the Scottish fishing industry and the EU’s record of high unemployment in other member states.

John asked,

“Why is it the SNP are so keen on the EU given the EU is in the global economic slow lane, with much higher unemployment rates and with youth unemployment in some countries over 50%; and that the Common Fisheries policy has, over the years, decimated the Scottish fishing fleet?”

The Secretary of State for Scotland, Rt Hon David Mundell MP, responded by saying that the SNP’s support for EU membership was confusing given its desire to leave the UK, but that the Government believed EU membership was in Scotland’s best interest.

John said afterwards,

“SNP support for EU membership is perplexing, given the damage the Common Fisheries policy continues to do to the Scottish fishing industry. The EU is also mired in uncompetitiveness, mass unemployment and an ongoing Eurozone crisis – these are some of the many reasons why I believe Britain should leave the EU.”

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