John Baron MP: 300 business leaders support Brexit

May 17, 2016

MP says vote ‘leave’ to support British businesses

Yesterday 300 business leaders wrote to the Daily Telegraph in support of a ‘leave’ vote in the forthcoming EU referendum. Signatories include Peter Goldstein [a founder of Superdrug], Steve Dowdle [a former European vice-president of Sony] and Sir Patrick Sheehy [the former chairman of British American Tobacco]. It is also signed by hundreds linked to SMEs, and together the signatories employ hundreds of thousands of British workers.

John said,

“Business opinion is clearly coming round to the view that we should leave the EU. We should never forget that 95% of British businesses do not export to the EU. However, 100% of British businesses must nevertheless apply onerous EU regulations, which can greatly weigh down SMEs in particular who are unable to afford the extensive compliance teams maintained by big multi-national corporations.”

“This is unfair, makes life much harder and introduces unnecessary costs for our smaller firms. Only by voting to leave the EU can we free our companies from this red tape, and design our own bespoke regulations. I will be supporting SMEs when I vote ‘out’ on 23rd June, and would encourage others to do the same.”

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