John Baron MP presses Prime Minister on EU immigration

June 8, 2016

MP comments on discriminatory immigration policy

Today at Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons, John Baron MP asked Rt Hon David Cameron MP about the EU and immigration.

John asked,

“Could the Prime Minister now address an issue which the ‘remain’ camp has so far fudged? Our present immigration policy, in all honesty, can not control numbers from the EU for the benefit of our public services, and we have a policy which discriminates against the rest of the world outside the EU.”

The Prime Minister responded that Australia, which has a points-based system open to immigrants from all countries, has twice the amount of immigration per head as the UK.

John said afterwards,

“The Prime Minister’s response was a complete red herring. Australia, through its points system, can choose its levels of immigration. The UK as a member of the EU can not. Furthermore, the Australian system does not discriminate against certain countries, as ours does.”

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