John Baron MP asks Prime Minister to remember Britain’s strengths

June 29, 2016

MP says referendum principles must be adhered to

In the House of Commons today, the Prime Minister gave a statement following yesterday’s meeting of the EU Council in Brussels.

John asked,

“Does the Prime Minister accept that, when negotiating with the EU, we should remember our many strengths: one of the strongest economies; our many competitive cost advantages, which would more than compensate for any EU tariffs which the World Trade Organisation would ensure could not be punitive; whilst many nations, including Australia and New Zealand, are now knocking at our door regarding trade deals?”

The Prime Minister responded by saying he recognises Britain’s strength, but did not think tariffs were a good idea.

John said afterwards,

“We must remain true to our referendum promises – including the introduction of fair and controlled immigration which does not discriminate against the rest of the world. If this can not be achieved in negotiations, then we should be prepared to fall back upon World Trade Organisation ‘most favoured nation’ tariffs, which would be dwarfed by the relative cost advantage of doing business here. Trade will continue.”

“We must start talking our country up. The doom and gloom espoused by those who lost the referendum has been overdone. We have a bright and better future outside the EU.”

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