John Baron MP supports Government on Brexit negotiations

October 10, 2016

MP urges Secretary of State to ignore ‘Remoaners’

Today in the House of Commons, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Rt Hon David Davis MP, gave a statement on the Government’s approach to Brexit.

John asked,

“May I urge the Secretary of State to ignore the siren calls for a running commentary on our EU negotiations, especially from a party which got rolled over by the EU on many occasions including when it came to the partial sacrifice of our rebate?”

“Will he explore the divisions in the EU’s position between the ideologues in the Commission and the elected politicians, who realise that playing hardball will cost them more than it will cost us?”

The Secretary of State replied that he agreed that he should ignore a party which oversaw the Lisbon Treaty, and said that negotiations would take him some time. He added that Germany does not speak for all EU countries, and that some see Brexit differently.

John said afterwards,

“The EU referendum authorised the Government to negotiate our withdrawal from the EU. There will be plenty of opportunity for debates and questioning as the various processes unfold. But it is clear that the ‘Remoaners’ are trying to use the ruse of extensive Parliamentary scrutiny to stymie the electorate’s decision. This will not wash with the Government or the public.”

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