John Baron MP questions Foreign Secretary on business post-Brexit

October 18, 2016

MP criticises pessimists who talk country down

During Foreign and Commonwealth Office Questions this morning, John Baron MP asked the Foreign Secretary,

“Given that 170-odd countries outside the EU trade successfully with it – some having trade deals, some not – what does he say to those pessimists who continue to talk the country down despite the fact we have the fifth-largest economy in the world and, when considering inward investment, the fact that business costs are relative – doing business in the EU is much more expensive?”

The Foreign Secretary agreed with John’s view, and listed Britain’s many business advantages, which include language, research base, universities and its favourable timezone.

John said afterwards,

“The UK will continue to be a competitive place to do business, regardless of whether a trade deal is agreed with the EU. In addition to the many advantages the UK has, as listed by the Foreign Secretary, our corporation tax levels are up to half those of the continent, whilst our labour laws are far more flexible. Such factors will continue to influence the direction of inward investment.”

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