John Baron MP slams High Court Brexit Decision

November 3, 2016

MP says lawyers and Parliamentarians must respect referendum result

Today the High Court ruled that the Government must hold a Parliamentary vote on the decision to invoke Article 50, setting aside the Royal Prerogative. The Government is appealing against the ruling, meaning the Supreme Court will consider the issue next month.

John said,

“The High Court’s decision must not be allowed to frustrate the will of the British people, which was clearly expressed in the referendum result. In Basildon and Billericay, nearly 70% of the electorate voted to leave the EU.”

“It was made clear by the Government at the time that the referendum result would be respected by the political establishment. David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn both said they would invoke Article 50 the day after a Brexit result. People voted in the referendum on this basis. We will man the barricades if the result is not respected.”

“If the Supreme Court upholds this ruling, MPs must therefore not hinder the Government’s invocation of Article 50. The electorate will rightly punish their elected representatives if they block the decision made by over 17 million people on 23rd June.”

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