John Baron MP raises tax cuts at PMQs

November 16, 2016

MP says Government supports lower earners

At Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) this afternoon, John Baron MP asked,

“The Prime Minister rightly understands that we are a one-nation party or we are nothing – something our political opponents have consistently underestimated at their cost. With the Autumn Statement next week, may I encourage her to pursue this agenda, with all resource and vigour, including by further raising significantly the Personal Allowance which will disproportionately benefit the lower paid?”

The Prime Minister responded that the Government is following through on its manifesto commitments to increase the Personal Allowance, having raised it from £6,475 in 2010 to £11,000 in April 2016. This has reduced income tax for 30 million people, and has taken over 4 million of the lowest-paid out of income tax altogether.

John said afterwards,

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s continuing commitment to raising the Personal Allowance. Lifting more people out of income tax, together with the National Living Wage, disproportionately helps people on lower incomes. A fairer distribution of wealth is not only right, but necessary.”

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