John Baron MP supports Government in Brexit vote

December 7, 2016

MP says Government must be allowed to press on with Brexit

At the end of today’s Opposition Day debate on Brexit, John Baron MP will support the Government in the lobbies.

John said,

“It was abundantly clear, both during the passage of the EU Referendum Act 2015 and during the EU referendum campaign, that the Government would implement the EU referendum result. ‘Project Fear’ left no-one in doubt as to the supposed consequences of a ‘leave’ vote – yet the electorate made their choice regardless. The Prime Minister must be allowed some space to set in motion our orderly exit from the EU.”

“The Government will remain accountable to Parliament throughout the Brexit negotiations, and there will be no shortage of opportunities to question and scrutinise the Government’s approach. It would not help our negotiations if our ‘red lines’ were signalled in advance to the EU – public negotiations make for poor outcomes, as Labour found on numerous occasions including when needlessly sacrificing part of our rebate.”

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